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Meditation Pond


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Stroll along the pathway to this hidden oasis.  Sit at the water's edge.  Look at the beauty all around.  Listen to the waterfall and the rippling flow of the water.  Give of yourself to the flow. Let your mind go with the flow.  Let your muscles relax.  Relax your worries.  Let your stresses flow away.  You have now become one with nature.  Close your eyes and listen.

Now picture another place and time.  Somewhere far away from the tensions of the day.  Let your mind wander.  Wander far away into some distant land and time.  You are relaxed now. 

The stress is gone, your muscles are no longer tense.  You feel comfortable for the first time today.

You can picture another time long ago.  A gentler, happier time.  Live that time.  Let the time be yours.  Smell the fragrance of that somewhere.  Listen to the sounds of that far away somewhere.   

Somewhere there is honeysuckle sweetness and freshness.  You can hear the laughter and the music.  You can see loved ones.  You feel loved.  You feel secure.  You feel serene.  Serenity is yours. 

The beauty and love all around fills your heart with gladness.  You are relaxed.  You have left this time and this world behind.  You are one with nature and you feel spirit fill your soul.

Stay there feeling the serenity.  Let all worries, stress and tensions go.  You know when you open your eyes that you have let that place and time into your soul.  You have found your spirit.  Be filled with gladness for it is yours.

Now open your eyes and take in all the beauty of this gentle oasis.  Listen to the bubbling of the waterfall.  Imagine diving in and cleansing your soul.  You have returned back to this time and to this place and to your life.  You have renewed your spirit.  You have cleansed your soul.  Serenity is yours. 

Sit for awhile and enjoy...You know your life is more balanced and that you may re-enter your world and cope with the tensions and stresses.  You have become one with nature and have accepted its strength as your own. 

Sit for awhile...Feel alive, free and new.  Feel your Spirit.

Sit...Look at the beauty with new eyes.  Smell nature through new aromas. 

Your Spirit, your Soul, Your Life is again yours....And you are relaxed...

You feel the gladness of life.  You have become whole...