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Our Dearest Dad,
You have arrived Daddy, arrived to a place probably as beautiful as the sky looks on a soft summer night. We really miss you and someday we will all be together again spiritually. Until then, we have to continue and live our lives with the good values, love and happiness that you have instilled in your family.

We love you, our precious Dad! How funny you were, so tender and caring but that heart… a heart of gold.

You did really well Dad, you did a fine job raising your three girls. You stuck around as most Father's would walk away, you were such a hard worker, and you always had time for your family and appreciated life for what it was. The simple things were enough to know that life is about loving. Your patience was incredible, your compassion was intense, y
our love for us was outstanding and the most reassuring feeling ever Baba mou

Always, we told you Dad, the respect we have for you is beyond explanation, we respect you as a father immensely because you took that title, stood and held it with such pride, so high you held it Dad, you used it to it’s fullest advantage. As a man, you are greatly respected by all who know you. Your good ethics, your zest for life, all the love you had, your heart was overfilled with it. You instilled that gift to us. How proud we are to be your daughter's, to know that your blood is flowing through our veins. We are a part of you and for that we are forever grateful and proud. Lucky is the word we like to use, lucky to have had a Dad like you.

We will always remember the great memories and your gift will always play a major role during our days ahead. Always Dad!

Mom and us will be fine knowing you are watching over from up above and, while it hurts so much now, we will take solace and balm from that.

Dad, we have never met a stronger man as we have you. You came across as superman when we were little girls, as adults you still had that strength, only now, we knew you weren’t actually superman, but a man with everyday struggles, just like the next, it was your strength that carried you through every obstacle given to you and instead of being a coward, you were and still are our hero. Always loved that about you! The strength you always had, right up until the very end when it was your time to go back Home. You never seem to amaze us, you rest now and May God Bless you Baba Mou, and thank you for your gift, just being you Dad
Love Always,
Your girls