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When you feel the sun is setting upon your dreams; when you just cannot look up; when you feel there is no hope; or when you feel you want to just walk away, that's the time to fight harder. That's the time to remember there is always hope.

Giving up, which is the lazy, coward's way out of your troubles, and now, something has grabbed hold of your very soul, smothering the life from it. Why, you ask? You have been asked to face something so incredibly difficult in your life that you can't face or come to grips with it, or there is a pain causing this drowning, sinking feeling. You have to know, even though the pain is so intense and you feel a compulsive need to avoid or stop the pain. know, that you are so much stronger than you really think. Your strengths are being tested, Know there is always hope.

Knowing and understanding your pain is the first step up and out of this unimaginable feeling of hurt. There is hope. There can be happiness once again. When you feel that sick and tired pain, remember those who love you both physically and spiritually and those whom you love. Trust yourself. Trust your Guardian Angels who have led you here. Find the assistance you need to breathe life into your soul once again. There is always hope. Always remember that our loved ones are forever with us. Forever in our hearts, soul, body and mind.


The sun will rise in your life again. You will be able to look up and feel the sun upon your face again. You will feel your soul fill with joy and expectation again. You will no longer be crippled by pain and fear. The clouds will part in your life, you will find your way and you will be able to love and be loved again. Hope has flooded your soul again. They say time heals all, Day by day is what it takes, isn't that what our loved one's want for us? they want happiness for us. They are our angel with a name.


The Angels are gathering for all who are in need.