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I Miss You Daddy

If tears could build a stairway
Memories a lane,
I'd walk right up to heaven
And bring you home again.

Thinking of you on Father's Day
Wishing you were here.
Always knowing in our hearts,
that you are always near.
You are in our thoughts,
And in our prayers too.
Not a day goes by that
We do not think of you.


Happy Father's Day Dear Daddy

(Excerpts from invitations sent out for Father's day lunch 2004) see here for original

Hi All

As you know Father's Day is coming up and as a sign of respect we thought it would be nice to arrange a special lunch that day where we could share memories and celebrate the lives of the most important man in a girls life, her Father.

Itís still hard to articulate the feelings we have about our Dad's passing. It just seems very important that we accord him the proper respect on the day that celebrates his contribution as a Father to our lives. We know that he is watching down on us and we want him to know that we still care and love him with all our hearts.

As this can be such a difficult day and as we haven't celebrated the day since our Father passed having friends around us and being there for our friends is important to us. This is about everybody's Father and we would like to be there for you like you have been for us. To celebrate the contribution our Fathers have made to our lives and how they have enriched us and made us the people we are. To simply thank them for everything they have done for us and for being the men they are.

We hope to arrange the lunch for the 20th of June 2004 on 3:00  Father's day itself  ...

Love All